Here I am. An ordinary chap. I do a bit of science, a bit of walking in the hills, and a bit of medicine. I’m a Quaker, which seems to mean I think about things, like a bit silence, and believe that others are just as likely or more likely than me to have the answers. I don’t claim to have a lot of wisdom. I’m happy to hear yours.

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  1. Ian, just wanted to say thanks for a most helpful article about Bookends. After practising law for thirty years, I retired early to do some work in medieval
    legal history, which has always fascinated me; but now I’m struggling to work out how to manage a digital database, so your article was just what I was looking for. (I admit, I especially like the idea that there is a Jon out there with Bookends, if I become hopelessly entangled!)
    Since I gather that you practice more than just ‘a little bit of medicine’, your time must be at a premium, and it is a true kindness on your part to help along those of us who do not have your penchant for technology.
    May you always find time to enjoy your hills, and your spacious and generous view of life! (I’m an Anglican, but was for many years a Quaker attender, when I lived near a meeting house; that manner of worship has been of permanent value to me.)
    All the best,
    Kathy Love


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